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How CoinFresh Whitelist Competitions are Providing Blockchain Projects With the Exposure They Need

One of the biggest challenges new cryptocurrency projects face is bridging the gap between projects and investors. Projects depend on investors’ input and financial contributions to bring their innovative ideas to life. However, many projects die simply due to a lack of exposure to investors and not becoming a big name that is recognized and well-known by others.

CoinFresh aims to bridge this gap to help support the various brilliant minds in the blockchain community.

What’s CoinFresh?

CoinFresh is an all-in-one platform offering investment opportunities to interested investors, exposure to whitelist projects, and education on cryptocurrency to its community members. Projects listed on the platform are vetted so that investors and community members can trust that their financial contributions will not be abused.

The Benefits of Hosting a Whitelist Competition on CoinFresh

As a project, the key objective is to gain exposure in order to find investors, build a community, and meet the project’s goals. There are different ways to do that, but CoinFresh offers an excellent opportunity for projects to host whitelist competitions.

These whitelist competitions are similar to those hosted on Sweepwidget and and provide projects with a shareable link to the competition as well as showcased on the CoinFresh platform. Projects are able to dictate the competition entry methods and can set specific requirements including social media interactions and more.

Projects will also receive full support from the CoinFresh team which includes regular competition announcements, official Twitter posts from CoinFresh, and even a hosted AMA on the Telegram group. All registered CoinFresh users will get an email that the project is running a competition on the platform, encouraging even more participation. Coinfresh also works together with verified influencers, serious investors, and marketing tools to ensure projects gain maximum exposure and successful whitelist competitions.

Established community 5,000+ users

CoinFresh boasts a community of 5,000+ users who are all interested in investing in upcoming projects, and getting more involved in the cryptocurrency world. This is the key target market for whitelist projects – essentially, the ideal audience to find investors. This provides an excellent base to help get your project the funding and support it needs.

Lots of traffic

The website has a lot of traffic. A lot of traffic translates to more exposure, and exposure often means an increase in interest. Even if the community itself doesn’t choose to invest in the project, if there is enough talk about the project, it can reach much further than beyond the CoinFresh community.

Free of cost/free marketing

Every business has to allocate a certain portion of its funds to dedicate to marketing. Marketing is key to getting necessary funding and exposure, and to be connected to the right audience. However, projects accepted by CoinFresh are given free marketing tools and access to investors that are looking for high-potential projects

Who Gets Access to CoinFresh’s Whitelist Spots?

Whitelist spots can be given out depending on a project’s own requirements. However, the only payment CoinFresh requires is 10% of the whitelist spots offered. There are no strict requirements for projects allowed on the platform, but CoinFresh offers a specific program for vetted projects that can offer additional features.

Looking for more exposure?

CoinFresh is an innovative platform that supports up-and-coming projects by connecting them with a dedicated community of investors and crypto-enthusiasts. Projects can gain additional exposure and marketing to help give their project a boost and get it on the right path.


For more information and to stay up to date, visit the website and follow CoinFresh’s social media to get the latest updates.

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